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Toyota Supra


Toyota Supra A80 Japanese Sports Cars

Toyota Supra A80 1992 – 2002

The Supra has come a long way and has been transformed into Toyota’s purest sports car, with an animal-like bulky sports car styling. Two engine types were available at the time. A 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder DOHC with a two-way turbo that generates 276hp and 318.2 lb ft of torque.


The other is a non-turbo naturally aspirated version of the same powerplant producing 221hp and 209.7 lb ft. Additionally, in order to get the best driving performance, the chassis weight was reduced and was made more rigid. This resulted in the ideal set-up for a front engine rear-wheel drive.


Both the Supra versions are very easily controlled, despite the fact that their high power output is only harnessed through the rear wheels. Considering the fairly high standard of its basic driving capabilities, anyone who can bring the best out of its performance will be really enjoying the car.


A slight amount of fine tuning would drastically increase power and create astonishing potential.

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