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Toyota MR2 Spider (SW20)


Toyota MR2 Spider (SW20)

Toyota MR Spider (MR2) SW20 Japanese Sports Cars

Toyota MR Spider (MR2) SW20

Nearly every automaker has subsidiaries that sell high-performance parts. Some of these companies even release their own original, exciting cars based on their parent companies’ models.


A good example is the Toyota MR Spider, released by TRD. The second-generation Toyota MR2 dubbed the SW20, first debuted in 1989. Since then, it has undergone many minor changes, becoming an increasingly refined vehicle in the process.


December 1992’s Model II gave way in October 1994 to the Model III, which in turn evolved into the even sportier Model IV in 1996. The normal MR2 lineup combined a coupe body with either a regular roof or T-top roof.


The MR Spider added the option of exciting open-air motoring to this lineup. Independently created in 1996, by TRD, a high-performance parts manufacturer wholly owned by Toyota, the MR Spider was based on the G-grade MR2, which housed the 2.0-liter DOHC inline 4-cylinder model 3S-GE engine.


TRD replaced this model’s roof with an open top to create a vehicle that allows the driver to enjoy both refined MR2 performance and the excitement of open-top driving.

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