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Tommykaira ZZII


Tommykaira ZZII

Tommykaira ZZII Japanese Sports Cars

Tommykaira ZZII

The first ZZ model was a pure sports car from Tommykaira. Even though the ZZ cars are sadly no longer in production, the dream car designed by Tommykaira’s makers, Tomita and Kaira still lives on. Their new project the Tommykaira ZZII is keeping their dream alive.


The first-generation ZZ was a pure sports car.This second-generation successor, the ZZII, takes the concept a step further: It is a pure sports racing car that is eligible for competition. One glance at the exterior of this car reveals that it is a racing car, pure and simple. According to FIA rules, the ZZII is all ready to go as a GT race car.


This would not have been possible without the expertise Tommykaira gained from building the first-generation ZZ car. It has a durable aluminum bathtub-style monocoque chassis with steel tube front and rear subframes for mounting the pushrod-type double wishbone suspension. The body panels in the road version are made of fiberglass while those of the racing version use a carbon fiber compound.


The powerplant is mounted amidships, of course. Although few details are known at present, buyers will have a choice among several engines ranging from 2.0-liters to 3.0-liters to suit various use purposes or racing categories. A sequential type transmission may be available in addition to the typical six-speed manual unit. The ZZII will also be exceptionally light weighing in at about 1.000 kg (2,200 lbs).


What’s really got potential buyers excited is the rumor that this full-spec sports car will be selling for under 10 million Yen (US$90,000). When the ZZII finally gets to market, it will be a dream come true for Tommykaira ZZ fans everywhere.

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