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Tommykaira ZZ


Tommykaira ZZ Japanese Sports Cars

Tommykaira ZZ

Released by Tomita Autos in July 1995, the mid-engined Tommykaira ZZ featured a bathtub-shaped aluminium monocoque chassis with steel-tube subframes. Its Nissan SR20DE engine was tuned to generate a maximum output of 177hp at 6,900 rpm, with maximum torque of 142 lb-ft at 4,900 rpm.


The FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastic) body was designed by Takuya Yura. Although manufactured in the UK and imported to Japan, the ZZ demonstrated that Tomita had the freshest vision in Japan. The ZZ lineup was later expanded with the addition of a hardtop model with improved convenience for daily use.


The next addition to the lineup was a high-power model, the ZZ-S, available in a coupe version and an open top version like its predecessors. The ZZ-S’s SR20DE power unit received high-efficiency tunings that boosted maximum output by 15hp, to 192hp at 7,300 rpm. Maximum torque increased to 145 lb-ft, at 6,400 rpm.


The combination of this engine and an under 700kg (1,540 lb) body makes for astounding performance. Many features are race-worthy, such as the double-wishbone suspension mounted to the steel subframes, and rod, not cable, shift linkage.


With its highly pure design and performance, the Tommykaira ZZ-S stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

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