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Tommykaira R R34


Tommykaira R R34 / R-S R34

Tommykaira R R34 Japanese Sports Cars

Tommykaira R R34

The Tommykaira R R34 tuner car is based on the long-awaited Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, released in 1999. This model is created from the top-of-the-line R34 Skyline GT-R V Spec. Aerodynamic enhancements are the most obvious change to the Tommykaira R34.


The aero parts kit on this model is quite refined. Particularly eye-catching is the blistered front fender. The exterior also boasts a diffuser below a front air dam with huge openings, and, in the rear, a massive, towering rear deck wing. All these features make this car seem like a natural evolution of the GT-R.


The Interior’s many custom components include a digital speedometer on the instrument panel. This model comes in two versions the highly tuned R and radically tuned R-S. One major difference between the two is power and torque: The RB26DETT engine delivers 365hp at 7,800 rpm in the R version, but in the R-S it delivers a maximum output of 419hp at 7.800 rpm and a maximum torque of 326 lb-It.


In addition to the above upgrades, the Tommykaira R-S R34 also has a twin-plate clutch and strut bars with master cylinder stopper. The R version has customized shock absorbers and other suspension modifications. This full-fledged tuning also comes with the unbeatable reliability of Tommykaira’s 1-year/20,000-kilometer (12.500 miles) warranty.

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