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Tommykaira R R33


Tommykaira R R33

Tommykaira R R33 Japanese Sports Cars

Tommykaira R R33

The Tommykaira R R33 tuner car is based on the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R, released in 1995. Although coming in the wake of the R32 GT-R-based R Sport concept car, the Tommykaira R33 features loads of new technological advancements.


Immediately striking is the full array of aero parts: a front air dam with oversized openings, naturally flowing side skirts, aerodynamically designed rear bumper spoiler, and, on the trunk, an oversized rear deck wing with carbon flap. Even the aerodynamic mirrors and rear trim are original creations.


These and other unique modifications make for highly original, eye-catching styling. The Interior features a  customized Instrument panel, steering wheel, and shift knob. The power unit is carried over essentially unchanged, although changes in the turbocharger, exhaust system, and engine management system boost maximum output to 420 hp.


The suspension, built with double springs and custom adjustable shock absorbers, preserves the base car’s comfortable ride while raising maximum performance. The tire and wheel size is 18 inches. Even more amazing is that this highly tuned tuner car comes with a 1 year/20,000-kilometer (12,500 mile) warranty — a testament to the reliability of the Tommykaira R.

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