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Tommykaira M30 R32


Tommykaira M30 R32

Tommykaira M30 R32 Japanese Sports Cars

Tommykaira M30 R32

The Tommykaira M30 R32 tuner car is based on the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R and makes extensive use of the tuner’s technological prowess in every aspect.


The result is a truly flawless machine. The exterior is highlighted by an air dam with large and small air intakes, and by side skirts and a rear deck wing with a carbon fiber flap.


Three-piece 18″ Tommykaira original aluminum wheels are used. The amazing Nissan Model RB26DETT Modified engine features Tommykaira modifications including twin turbochargers, a large-capacity intercooler, a water-cooled oil cooler built into the radiator, and an N1 oil pump, for enhanced reliability.


Maximum power output is in excess of 400hp. The driveline is also expertly tuned and features a carbon propeller shaft based on one used in the Group A GT-R. The chassis is, naturally, fitted with Tommykaira-modified suspension.


The brakes feature Brembo calipers with AP Racing rotors. These ultimate upgrades carry a high cost. Only 30 units of these limited edition models were produced.

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