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Subaru Alcyone SVX


Subaru Alcyone SVX

Subaru Alcyone SVX Japanese Sports Cars

Subaru Alcyone SVX

The Subaru Alcyone SVX was released in Japan in 1991 and produced until 1996. Subaru’s fastidiousness is evident in the design of the glass-to-glass round canopy. It is fitted with a water-cooled horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine.


It featured Subaru’s first variable torque distribution electronically controlled four-wheel drive (VTD-4WD). The 3.3-liter flat six DOHC is normally aspirated and generates 236hp at 6,000 rpm and 227.8 lb-ft of torque.


The SVX features an electronically controlled lockup 4-speed automatic transmission. The suspension is provided by struts on both front and rear wheels. Brakes are ventilated discs on both sets of wheels. It drives just like a GT coupe, providing a comfortable ride and easy handling.


It is not very good at aggressive driving because of its heavy weight, but can display its ability in high-speed cruising. Great skill will be needed to squeeze the best speed out of it.

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