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Nissan Sunny VZ-R (B15)


Nissan Sunny VZ-R (B15)

Nissan Sunny VZ-R B15 Japanese Sports Cars

Nissan Sunny VZ-R B15

The ninth generation of the Nissan Sunny, the Japanese compact sedan, was introduced in 1996. The new Nissan Sunny VZ-R featured slightly larger dimensions and most importantly, it was built on a newly-developed platform.


Not only were collision safety features substantially improved, chassis rigidity was increased by 30%, helping to improve ride and handling qualities. Taking advantage of this, Nissan added a sports model, the VZ-R, to what had before been Its “mature” line.


The 1.6-liter, dual overhead cam, inline four-cylinder engine in the Nissan Sunny VZ-R uses the VVL variable valve timing and lift system to make a maximum of 173hp and 113 lb-ft of torque. The Sunny features a 5-speed manual transmission relatively good gearing. Due to the car’s light weight, performance is good.


Handling is helped by the chassis rigidity and MacPherson struts in the front and Nissan’s multi-link beam in the rear. The newest Sunny has the power and ability to respond to sports drivingĀ and terrific combination in a reasonably-priced car.

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