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Nissan Primera Camino 2.0TE-V


Nissan Primera Camino 2.0 TE-V

Nissan Primera Camino 2.0TE-V Japanese Sports Cars

Nissan Primera Camino 2.0 TE-V

Sales of the second-generation Nissan Primera were disappointing after its debut in 1995. But fortunately, things went on to improve after the introduction of the Nissan Primera Camino 2.0 TE-V in September 1997. At that time, a wagon body style was added, and a new engine and transmission were introduced.


The 2.0-liter dual overhead cam inline four-cylinder engine was the same displacement as the previous powerplant, but the “VVL” variable valve timing and lift system was added, bringing power up to a maximum of 187hp and 145 lb-ft of torque. An innovative and unusual transmission was also introduced.


The CVT-M6 was a continuously-variable transmission (CVT) with the feel and control of a six-speed manual transmission. It was a good match with the abilities of the new engine, and allowed for leisurely or sports driving. The new drivetrain was incorporated in the Nissan Primera Camino 2.0 TE-V sedan and the 2.0 G-V wagon, bringing their performance to a new level.

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