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Honda NSX Type S and Type S Zero


Honda NSX Type S and Type S Zero

Honda NSX Type S Japanese Sports Cars 2

Honda NSX Type S

The Honda NSX Type S and NSX Type S Zero were launched in Japan in 1997. When Honda came out with a new 3.2-liter engine and 6-speed manual transmission in 1997,the sports model Type S was added to the lineup.


Also, NSX Type S Zero, with enhanced sportiness and more emphasis on circuit driving, was added. The Type S had managed to remove approx 45kg from the standard NSX, but the Type S Zero went even further, stripping away a staggering 96kg.


With these changes, the NSX became an easier car to turn compared to previous incarnations, especially with the Type S Zero. The suspension was added rigidity at the rear and slightly softened at the front, resulting in secure communication between car and road surface, and a more neutral handling.


These alterations changed the car’s looks far more radically then the previous generation had done, and resulted in a car that requires a certain amount of skillful driving. Genuine sports cars choose their own drivers.

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