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Honda CR-X Si / SiR


Honda CR-X Si / SiR

Honda CR-X Si Japanese Sports Cars

Honda CR-X Si

The CRX engine is an excellent example of both performance and outstanding fuel efficiency. The performance begins in the heart of the CRX engine – with a single overhead camshaft (SiR models were optional with DOHC engines), 16-valve cylinder head (CRX and CRX Si).


The combustion chambers have 4-valve-per-cylinder. Four valves give the CRX engine a larger effective valve area The result is better engine efficiency – the engine draws air and fuel into the combustion chamber, more effectively and expels exhaust gasses more thoroughly -resulting in stronger acceleration throughout its power range.


The sophisticated 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system used on Honda CR-X models gives them superb handling and a remarkably smooth ride. The CR-X SI uses front and rear stabilizer barsĀ and gas-pressurized shock absorbers on the rear wheels for increased performance.

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