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Honda CR-X del Sol


Honda Civic (CR-X) del Sol Japanese Sports Cars

Honda Civic (CR-X) del Sol

The 102hp, 1.5-liter Honda CR-X del Sol S engine and the more powerful 125hp, 1.6-liter Si engine are both single overhead camshaft, inline, 4-cylinder designs. To minimize engine mass and improve vehicle performance, these engines have cylinder heads and engine blocks made of light-weight aluminium alloy.


In addition, both engines have 16-valve cylinder heads, with 4 valves per cylinder. The greater valve area afforded by this design promotes more efficient engine breathing. Fuel and air are more effectively drawn into the cylinders and burned-waste gases are more effectively expelled.


The result is higher specific power output and better fuel economy. The sporty CR-X del Sol lets you have the best of both worlds, the fun, convenience and style of an open-topped sports coupe, and the magnificent handling characteristics and grip of a light-weight car.

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