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Honda Civic Type R EK9


Honda Civic Type R EK9

Honda Civic Type R EK9 Japanese Sports Cars

Honda Civic Type R EK9

The Honda Civic Type R  EK9 launched in 1997. It underwent a full model change in 1995, and in 1997, this became the first Civic to receive the Type R badge. Under the hood is a Dedicated hand-ported 1.6-liter factory-tuned engine producing 182hp and 117.9 lb-ft of torque.


In addition to tuning the engine, the car’s suspension has also been hand-tuned. The Type R’s center of gravity has been lowered to provide superior handling, stability and braking. In the brakes, the size of the disk rotor has been increased. Other distinctive Type R features include strengthening and hardening of various body parts and installing high-grip sports tires.


All of the Civic Type R models feature a large rear spoiler, special lightweight aluminum wheels, and a special Type R badge. The interior boasts red bucket seats, a small diameter leather Momo steering wheel, and other red interior parts. The engine is powerful and responds quickly.


The lighter, stronger body and suspension enables the car to have excellent cornering ability under all conditions. The Type R is capable of achieving tremendous performance on winding roads. It all adds up to a brilliant driving experience. And that is why the Honda Civic Type R EK9 is still very popular to this day amongst tuners and car enthusiasts in Japan and world-wide.

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