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Daihatsu Storia X4


Daihatsu Storia X4

Daihatsu Storia X4 Japanese Sports Cars

Daihatsu Storia X4

In 1998, two months after the Storia’s debut, Daihatsu released this 4×4 model to augment its presence in the motorsports segment. The Daihatsu Storia X4 4×4 has a turbo-charged high-power engine with a displacement of 713cc.


This low displacement is intended to allow the Storia 4×4 to enter 1.0-liter class competitions, in which the displacement of turbocharged vehicles is multiplied by a predetermined factor greater than 1.


In addition, this car’s incredibly powerful in-lineĀ 4-cylinder DOHC turbo engine delivers an amazingly high maximum output of 118hp at 7,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 94 lb-ft at 4,800 rpm. The engine and the special 5-speed close ratio transmission deliver their power to the road through full-time all-wheel-drive.


The chassis employs the same suspensionĀ as the original Storia. MacPherson struts in front and a 3-link design in the rear, but with special reinforcements and other enhancements. Ventilated disc front brakes are paired with rear drum brakes.


This motorsports model, at 1840 lb, is also the lightest all-wheel-drive Storia. With a combination of light weight and power that make for impressive AWD performance, this model has been a shining success at rallies, dirt track races, and other competitions.

One thought on “Daihatsu Storia X4

  1. ninja

    These cars are great. Very light, 4WD, amazing handling. This would be a thrill to take on a mountain.

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